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How I Delegate Emails To My Va With Gmail

Because I have lot of emails coming in to inbox I decided for my email delegated to VA. She sorts out the mess and forwards me what’s needs my attention twice a week. Most of my emails are replied by my VA, intensive testing . usually the same questions being asked so I made the decision to have them handle it. Those that really are important and needs me attention are forwarded to my opinion in batch.

Delegating signup might sound little cheesy and impersonal, but the practical small businesses use for this extremely real. I have an inbox for my coaching, general info or private VIP clients. By having these I’ve been able to manage my mails properly.

Gmail has made email delegating easy with the delegation functionality that has generated. You now have the possibility to give another person access to your emails. This function is available through my Google Apps account.

I also hosted my domain emails on Google too. Using an email address contact info that matches the domain of your business website is an absolute needs to.

I’ve been using Gmail as my host for email for the previous months and I have to say it’s really beneficial. In addition to the mail, task and calendar sharing, you’ll also have Google Docs and Spreadsheet sharing capability.

When am off travelling. I can access a copy of my mailbox. I downloaded a browser plug-in called Google Gear and start the offline option in the . This allows me to access a synced copy of me email on my laptop, and this will resync when I am going back online.

Let My Ask You This. How Have You Had the opportunity to Get probably the most Of Your Gmail Account?